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State Geopolitics and Quilombo Territory in The 21st Century by Diosmar M. Santana

STATE GEOPOLITICS AND QUILOMBO TERRITORY IN THE 21ST CENTURY by Diosmar M. Santana Filho[1] Paco Editorial publishing, 2018. 260p   A geopolítica do Estado e o território quilombola no século XXI (Paco Editorial, 2018) was born of the Masters research undertaken by the geographer Diosmar Santana Filho at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). The […]

Interview with Marisa Matias

“I have been Marisa’s friend for a long time and I know well the conviction with which she personifies the maxim of “the personal is political.” If it weren’t so, I wouldn’t be the one here. And just as Marisa knows it, so too do the millions of Portuguese men and women that have felt […]

Ailton Krenak – The Power of the Collective Subject – Part II

THE TIME OF THE MYTH  It is a completely absurd myth to say that we, the indigenous, alongside the black people, forcibly brought from Africa and thrown here, and the white people, some of them coming without knowing what the destination was, came to constitute the base of our civilization. This is a complete cheapening […]

The Subject of Skin… Ours or Yours?

This is a book that speaks not only of a certain content, but also of an author that covers himself in his work. An author – actor – producer… and black! Even if this final descriptor were left unsaid (many would say it is unnecessary, that it reinforces certain stereotypes and prejudices), we wouldn’t dare […]

Revisiting the ‘Theology of the City’ in the Perspective of Maré, Rio de Janeiro

Abstract Beginning with a lived experience in the Complexo da Maré favelas, this text revisits the theology of the city developed by liberation theology. The influences of José Comblin and Juan Luis Segundo are noted, discussed and questioned in light of processes of urbanisation and in dialogue with social science literature about Maré. The article […]

The Molenbeekois and their Going Beyond a Stigma

Summary The Brussels district of Lower Molenbeek faces a number of structural problems, from high unemployment rates to overcrowded housing conditions, drug dealing, etc. Its inhabitants carry a stigma associated with ‘failure’ and with conservative, and even radical, Islam. The neighbourhoods themselves are considered unsafe and dirty places. This article takes a strongly praxis-based approach, […]