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The Migrant Museum - MuMi

Deyanira Clériga Morales
Pável Valenzuela Arámburo
Aldo Jorge Ledón Pereyra

| Mexico |

In the fight is where we find one another. In Portuguese, "Na luta é que a gente se encontra," because despite our physical distances, [diverse] languages, and cultural differences, our historical roots are always there, letting us find ourselves among the people that work to build in the middle of a hostile world. This is […]

Decolonizing money in puerto rico

Frances Negrón-Muntane

| Puerto Rico |

Since 2006, Puerto Rico has been enduring a debt crisis that reached over 127 billion and resulted in increased poverty rates, mass migration, and cuts to essential public services. In response, the scholar and artist Frances Negrón-Muntaner collaborated with artist Sarabel Santos Negrón to launch the community currency project Valor y Cambio (Value and Change). The […]