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A People’s Existence by Resistance: The Kurds

 Zozan Sima | Jineolojî Academy

| Rojava | Kurdistan |

Our direct and participatory democracy is the fruit of a wide organisational network that allows for regional specificities and a diversity of languages and cultures, as well as autonomous women’s and young people's structures. These structures have managed to flourish despite the racist attacks on the Kurdish people that we have endured for millenia. Indeed, […]

Racialized hierarchies and blurred boundaries

Mariam Barghouti

| Palestine |

Often, the issue of Palestine comes mired with everything Israeli. Even in the academy, Palestine and Israel are examined in their relationship to each other. Yet, when we truly want to look within structural racism and oppression, we must admit that it goes deeper than Palestine and beyond Palestinians. "Exile is so strong within me, […]

The Ecology of War

Frank Mei

| Syria |

The ecological model of North and East Syria, a territory also known as Rojava, is based in the thesis of Murray Bookchin and his concept of social ecology. This model understands human beings as part of nature and promotes principles of egalitarianism, invoking the functioning of ecosystems, assuming that in nature, it is cooperation, symbiosis, […]

Vanishing islands

Text by Joyona Medhi | Photography by Abhishek Basu

| India |

Sea levels are on the rise at a rate of 4mm a year. Global climate reports state that we are on course for the second or third warmest year on record, with the global average temperature from January to October about 1.1°C above the pre-industrial-era average. Come to think of it, trends have actually worsened […]

Kurdish struggle for democracy and gender equality in Syria

Ruken Isik

| Rojava | Kurdistan |

The struggles of Kurdish women in Rojava Kurdistan (Northern Syria) became known to many during the brutal attacks of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) against the city of Kobane in northern Syria on September 15th, 2014. While Kurdish men and women were trying to defend the city from ISIS militiamen with limited ammunition […]

Rethinking education

Rasha Alshakhshir

| Palestine |

Education under occupation Since 1984, Palestinian teachers and students have faced various challenges owing to Israeli occupation, whether they be political, economic or cultural. Human rights violations have continued in parallel, creating a reality in which Palestinians face a fragmentation of their land, and a problematic economic and political status keeps many Palestinians beneath the […]

The public school education system and subalternality in India

Shruti Ambast

| India |

Background Among institutional spaces where peripheral or subalternate communities represent a majority in India, public schools are significant. However, this was not always the case. Public schools have undergone a considerable change in character over the last three decades. Until the 1980s, public schools were the preserve of the middle and upper classes, catering to […]

The bakla, the agi: our genders which are not one

Jaya Jacobo
Vincent Empimano
Macky Torrechilla
Christian Tablazon

| Philippines |

I. The ethnolinguistic premise of Philippine genders Jaya Jacobo While the discourses of solidarity which promise the formation of community may require us to speak in a language that renders "gender" to be intelligible -- received within a universe that thrives in sensus communis, so to speak -- the question of difference must put pressure […]

The Linguistic Pedagogy of Co-existence at Kurdish Schools in Rojava

Daniel Stefani
Edmund Ruge

| Syria |

Following the publication of “Kurdish Struggle for Democracy and Gender Equality in Syria,” in the third edition of Peripheries Journal, our team maintained contact with the Rojava Information Center (RIC), an independent organization dedicated to supporting the work of international journalists in Rojava, in Northeast Syria. The RIC placed us in contact with Becet Hussein, […]

Will Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan deliver a 'new' Pakistan?

Abdullah Yusuf
Alamgir Khan
Rhiannon Dempsey

| Pakistan |

Pakistan’s democratic history has been turbulent at best. The first attempts at democracy in the wake of Pakistan’s independence in 1947 came at a time of fear of Indian military action within Pakistan, and during the global bipolarisation of the Cold War. These circumstances led to Pakistan and the United States pouring important resources into […]

New Name Old System: Authoritarianism from Parliamentary to Presidential Systems

Levent Piskin

| Turkey |

In the Turkish experience, neither the constitution-making process nor democracy itself has been built on a strong foundation. The Turkish state mechanism has made use of the law as an instrument to shape society by punishing, killing, or massacring since its foundation. In other words, the law has never demonstrated its natural meaning as the […]

Prison reforms & democracy

Raja Bagga
Madhurima Dhanuka

| India |

Democracy presupposes equality of individuals. Every individual has their say in how they are governed. They can exercise their freedom in their everyday lives, in where they live, who they want to live with, what they eat, who they desire and the list goes on. And yet, freedom of expression is not absolute. There are […]

The Body in a Bundle: By Way of a Periphery

Shahd Wadi

| Palestine |

I am become a Palestinian June Jordan I am Palestinian, I was told. Born in Egypt, I was still a child, living in Jordan when I was told I am Palestinian. My Palestinian history whispered in my ears. I was told that I am a Palestinian because my family was forced into exile in 1948 […]

Humanizing the other

Anam Zakaria


“Now I know that not all Pakistanis are murderers. They don’t want to kill me. I too can think of going to Pakistan.” This was what a 7th grader said after a Skype exchange between her school and me. The one-hour virtual dialogue we engaged in had changed her mind about my country. I wondered […]


by: Favita Dias

| India |


Gaza Surf Club

Ibrahim Arafat

| Palestine |

من أجل الحق الكامل في التزلج Palestinians face extremely harsh conditions in the Gaza Strip. There is not enough work, electricity, or even potable water in an area home to over two million inhabitants, featuring the highest demographic density on the planet. As if that were not enough, because of Israeli blockades and occupation, especially […]