Peripheries Journal is a publication of the Eduniperifeiras Publisher, located in the set of Favelas that make up Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Published biannually and available for free via digital platform, Peripheries is dedicated to publishing works authored by subjects of the peripheries and on themes related to global peripheries. Its principal objective is to bring together researchers, social activists and artists from the world’s peripheries interested in sharing the diverse experiences of popular territories and constructing a convergent and global representation of the Potency of Peripheries.

Peripheries takes an academic tone, but values diverse and plural narratives. Peripheries therefore uses diverse textual and non-textual aesthetics, without assigning a hierarchy to the various forms of knowledge production. Published in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, Peripheries addresses the place and role of the Peripheries in the territories in which they coexist — both in Brazil and abroad.

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