december | 2018

periferias 2 | democracy and periphery

Francisco Valdean



The COMMON in movement

Bira Carvalho

| Brazil |


Will Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan deliver a 'new' Pakistan?

Abdullah Yusuf
Alamgir Khan
Rhiannon Dempsey

| Pakistan |

Prison reforms & democracy

Raja Bagga
Madhurima Dhanuka

| India |


Conceição Evaristo

by Ivana Dorali

| Brazil |

Interview with Marisa Matias

by Tatiana Moura

| Portugal |

Peripheries Features

NARRA Agency

| Brazil |


Mapuche Intervention - Work 18.314: Mari pura warangka küla pataka mari meli

Visual Poetry: Daniela Catrileo
Photography: Rocío García
Editing and Introduction: Carolina Herrera 

| Chile |

Romani narrative - dialogues with pastora Filigrana

with Sonia Sahli
Natalia Caballos

| Spain |

Democracy and cabanagem

Aiala Colares
Wellington Frazão

| Brazil |

Born of the peripheries

Alejandro "Pitu" Salvatierra

“Educación te permite a entender”

by Edmund Ruge

| Argentine |


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