august | 2020

periferias 5 | public, environmental, and democratic health

Tiago Miotto | Cimi
Abhishek Basu
Pierre Campredon
Brenda Maria


food sovereignty

Black Self-determination Drawn From Our Roots

an interview with Eric Jackson – Black Yield Institute, Baltimore

by Edmund Ruge

| USA |

A Food System Transformation from the Favelas

Rio de Janeiro's Sustainable Favela Network and the Value of Community-Based Solutions Amid the Pandemic

The Sustainable Favela Network (SFN)
by Sophie-Anne Monplaisir

| Brazil |

literature, poetry, and social distancing

Afrolit Sans Frontieres: Behind the Scenes, In Front of the Camera

Festival/Books/Writers in the time of Corona

by Zukiswa Wanner

| Angola | Brazil | Cameroon | Cote d'Ivoire | DR Congo |
 Egypt | Ethiopia | Eritrea | Ghana | Jamaica | Kenya | Liberia | Malawi | Martinique | Mozambique | Namibia | Nigeria | Sierra Leone | South Africa | Sudan | Uganda | US | UK | Zambia | Zimbabwe |

Door of No Return

story by Natasha Omokhodion-Banda

| Zambia |

Of the Poet and the Café

story by Girma Fantaye

| Ethiopia |

A Certain 36th of November

story by Merdi Mukore

| Congo |

"Once" and "Plot"

poetry by Yara Monteiro

| Angola |


Social Struggles and the Role of Conservation Units

Popular resistance in the neighborhood of Vargens de Sernambetiba, Rio de Janeiro

Brasiliano Vito Fico

| Brazil |

the overcoming of plural conflicts in the context of the pandemic

The Favela Wants to Live

Information, mobilization, and solidarity to confront the impacts of the pandemic in the favelas and peripheries of Rio de Janeiro

by Gabrielle Araujo and Priscila Rodrigues | The Favelas Observatory

| Brazil |

The Ecology of War

The ideology of the Kurdish liberation movement contemplates ecologism as one of its fundamental pillars. Even so, owing to nine years of war, barriers remain to its implementation

by Frank Mei

| Syria |

Paths of Resistance and Intelligence in Periphery Networks 

Collaborative platform Matchfunding Enfrente assists support-networks in managing the pandemic through 265 initiatives in favelas and peripheries 

by Wagner Silva

| Brazil |

Photographic Essays

Sensitive Approaches for Social Distancing in the Favelas

Imagens do Povo | Observatório de Favelas

Bira Carvalho | Brenda Maria | Natalia Perdomo | Igor Freitas | Renato Errejota

| Brazil |

Vanishing islands

Stories of Erasure and Resistance

Joyona Medhi | Abhishek Basu

| India |

Water! Our Right to a Common Good

Imagens do Povo | Observatório de Favelas

Bira Carvalho | Bárbara Dias | Natália Perdomo | Fernando Jesus | Renato Errejota

| Brazil |

Peripheries Features

CIMI, The Missionary Council for Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous resistance amid political reconfigurations, discourse, demands, and ultraconservative attacks

By Roberto Antonio Liebgott

| Brazil |

Heinrich Böll Foundation

Meddling is the Only Way to Stay Relevant

by Marilene de Paula

| brazil | Germany |

Tiniguena — “This Land is Ours”

Constructing sustainability through the governance of spaces, natural resources, and cultures in a peripheral country

| Guinea Bissau |

IPAD Institute for Thought and Action in Defense of Democracy

IPAD interviews the Praxis collective, with work focused on mental health in Rio de Janeiro, and TETO, a collective dedicated to supporting the construction of affordable housing in Belo Horizonte

| Brasil |

Anticolonial Narratives from the Africas

An Interview with Vensam Iala of the Visto África Collective

| Brazil | Guinea-Bissau |


Kariri History: An Arrow to Illuminate the Heart

A dive into the family memories of self-recognition as the Kariri, a nation with territory from Bahia to Piauí

Raquel Paris

| Brazil |

Mathare Futurism

From Beggars to Masters of Our Own Fate

by Kanyi Wyban

| Kenya |

Are We, After All, as Poor as They Say?

Cyclone Idai and the Self-determination of the Mozambican people

Amade Casimiro Nacir

| Mozambique |

Born of the peripheries

Daniel de Souza: Between Loves and Quilombos in the Black Amazon

One of the main quilombola leaders in the State of Pará, Daniel salvages the saga of his ancestors that inhabited the region of Erepecuru and tells us how their lives helped to paint the Amazon Black

Raquel Paris

| Brazil |


UNIperiferias has a new look!

Welcome to UNIperiferias’ new cycle!

| Brazil |

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