july | 2019

periferias 3 | alternative experiences

Francisco Valdean



Traveling through diverse and creative peripheries in lisbon

The Neighborhoods of Cova da Moura and Talude

Katielle Silva
Marcos Correia
Jorge Malheiro

| Portugal |

Housework without houses: women in nonconventional housing

Institutional logic versus the unexpected positives of "atypical" living situations

Luna Lyra
Silke Kapp
Grupo MOM

| Brazil |

Kurdish struggle for democracy and gender equality in Syria

The women on the forefront of Kurdish liberation and governance

Ruken Isik

| Rojava | Kurdistan |

“In spite of you, tomorrow will be another day“

For the right to public security in the Maré favelas

Arthur Viana
Maycon Sardinha
Shyrlei Rosendo

| Brazil |

Subversive mobility in a context of trust

Mototaxis in the Maré Favelas

Aruan Braga
João Felipe Brito

| Brazil |

The bakla, the agi: our genders which are not one

Philippine genders: ethnolinguistic premises, a Tagalog short story, and a Kinaray-a poem

Jaya Jacobo
Vincent Empimano
Macky Torrechilla
Christian Tablazon

| Philippines |

Challenging 'buen vivir'

Photographic Essay: A Sketch of the Forms of Buen Viver of Pioyá, Cauca

Vilma Almendra
Emmanuel Rozental
Edwin Pipicano
Ángela Gutiérrez
Jorge Sarria

| Colombia |

Buen vivir and autonomy in latin american indigenous territories

Buen Vivir: Language, Creativity and Criticality

Salvador Schavelzon
Thea Pitman

| Brazil | UK |


Sofia Djama and the movement to retake algerian cinema

Daniel Stefani
Gabrielly Pereira

| Algeria |

Peripheries Features

Global Grace

Creating Cultures of Equality: Pathways from the Periphery

Suzanne Clisby
Mark Johnson

| UK |

La Garganta Poderosa

From the of Argentina to the world

| Argentina |


A shout-out to the peripheries

Photographic Essay: The Periphery Narrated by its Own People

Curatorship: Bira Carvalho | Imagens do Povo

| Brazil |

Humanizing the other

Combatting stigma in the context of historic conflict

Anam Zakaria


The Migrant Museum - MuMi

Buen Vivir and Buen Migrar: Remembrance and Creative Resistance

Deyanira Clériga Morales
Pável Valenzuela Arámburo
Aldo Jorge Ledón Pereyra

| Mexico |


Embroidery, sewing, and crochet as contemporary art in public spaces

Cariri, Ceará

| Brazil |

Gaza Surf Club

For the full right to surf

Ibrahim Arafat

| Palestine |

Three voices of contemporary latin-american poetry

Anthology - Experiences of peripheral bodies

Lucía Gonzales
Luciana di Leone

| Brazil | Mexico | Dominican Republic |

Decolonizing money in puerto rico

The Valor y Cambio Project

Frances Negrón-Muntaner

| Puerto Rico |

Born of the peripheries

Adriana Barbosa

The Black Fair and black protagonism in the economy

Gabriele Roza

| Brazil |

Ecio Salles

In Memoriam

| Brazil |


Carolina Maria de Jesus, an author for the present

Revisiting the life and work of the groundbreaking writer

Tom Farias

| Brazil |

Letter from Maré

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