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The COMMON in movement

Bira Carvalho

| Brazil |

Images of popular spaces, such as the favelas and urban peripheries, which are usually marked by stereotypes of poverty and stigmas of violence, overcome such restraints in the images of Bira Carvalho1Bira Carvalho is the Coordinator of Imagens do Povo Project - Observatório de Favelas. Contact: With sensitivity and audacity, the author challenges light, color and angle to bring forward the COMMON as an inherent part of everyday life for favelas residents. Streets, squares, corners take on life and movement in gatherings, exchanges and human experience: a symphony composed of work, play, religion, cultural practice and acts of love. All of this involves and envelops the authors of life in Maré. A universe of popular spaces gains representation in just one favela! These are children, adults and the elderly inventing plural coexistences. The COMMON as an experience turns the periphery into a reference for imaginations and practices of a transformative reconstruction of the contemporary.

 Jorge Barbosa - Editor

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Bira Carvalho | Brazil |

Bira Carvalho is the Coordinator of the Images of the People project at the Favelas Observatory.

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