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State Geopolitics and Quilombo Territory in The 21st Century by Diosmar M. Santana

STATE GEOPOLITICS AND QUILOMBO TERRITORY IN THE 21ST CENTURY by Diosmar M. Santana Filho[1] Paco Editorial publishing, 2018. 260p   A geopolítica do Estado e o território quilombola no século XXI (Paco Editorial, 2018) was born of the Masters research undertaken by the geographer Diosmar Santana Filho at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). The […]

Catalytic Communities: The Role of the Peripheries in Democracy

We tend to speak from a place of fear and disillusionment concerning Brazilian democracy. However, for a long time, we have been fighting to stop talking about favelas and peripheries from this place of fear and disillusionment. We at Catalytic Communities believe in the power, creativity, and solutions that stem from favelas and peripheries. We […]

NARRA Agency

Black and brown people make up nearly 40% of journalism students in Brazil. This is according to a study by Diversa (a collaborative online platform for educational practices), based on the 2016 Brazilian Higher Education Census. Those who self-identified as “yellow”[1] students represented less than 2%, and indigenous students less than 1%. If the scope […]

Instituto Maria e João Aleixo | International University of the Peripheries

The contemporary world has witnessed the rise of a new wave of authoritarianism. The threat to democracy takes hold in the contours surrounding our democratic institutions and values, questioning them from a conservative and even regressive political lens. Progressive forces have proved themselves unable to organize a cohesive discourse and strategy to confront the erosion […]

Mapuche Intervention – Work 18.314: Mari pura warangka küla pataka mari meli

The Mapuche people is the most represented original peoples living in what is today Chile. In colonial times they worked for the conquistadors, oligarchs, and landowners; later some began emigrating in search of opportunities to escape poverty just as the majority of people cut off from the metropolitan areas did. They have resisted since the […]

Photographic Essay – Bira Carvalho – “Imagens do Povo” Project

Images of popular spaces, such as the favelas and urban peripheries, which are usually marked by stereotypes of poverty and stigmas of violence, overcome such restraints in the images of Bira Carvalho. With sensitivity and audacity, the author challenges light, color and angle to bring forward the COMMON as an inherent part of everyday life […]