april | 2021

periferias 6 | race, Racism, Territory and Institutions

Bira Carvalho
Wagner Maia
making of de Ar Condicionado | Geração 80
Cauã Bertoldo | Festival Pangeia | Exposição Origens #3
Afrobela | Festival Panegia | Exposição Origens #3
Cassimano | Festival Pangeia | Exposição Origens




Drive away fear! 

From racism in France to tribalism in the Congo: condemned by public opinion but entrenched in people's mind

Merdi Mukore

| DR Congo | France |

Bla(c)k and Indigenous Solidarity

Confronting Colonialism & Anti-Racism

Michelle Mashuro

| Zimbabwe | Australia |

Racialized hierarchies and blurred boundaries

The complexities of banal oppression

Mariam Barghouti

| Palestine |

literature and poetry


story by Howard Meh-Buh Maximus

| Cameroon |

Going Incognito

story by Winifred Òdúnóku

| Nigeria |

Go home

story by Itumeleng Molefi

| South Africa |

1342 Belvedere

story by R. Kihara Odanga

| Kenya | USA |

German Shepherd

story by Utanaan Reis

| Brazil |


story by Mari Vieira

| Brazil |

poetry anthology I

a Folk Song | #blacklivesmatter | during the Sermon, the Pastor Says Black Is For Funerals | how They Received Him | dealing With Attitudes | out of Kibera

Achieng Duro | Ayoola Goodness | Ndaba Sibanda | Gordon B. Anjili

| Kenya | Nigeria |

poetry anthology II

the Language of the Drums | songs of the Rivers | prayer | grandma | bahian Free Will to Say I Love You | to my melanated love | they won’t rid themselves of me so quick | the obsolete value of No

Rosa Chamorro | Sara Regina | Jho Ambrósia | Luana Galoni | Noemi Alfieri

| Colombia | Brazil | Italy |


Art from the Peripheries Depicts the African Diaspora in a Digital Environment

Transmitted free and online during the pandemic, the Origins #3 exhibit facilitates access to art and culture in uncertain times

| Brazil |


The Memory of Brumadinho

Black and indigenous bodies buried in a sea of Vale’s scraps

Wagner Maia da Costa

| Brasil |

The Living Memory of Vila Autódromo

A history of struggle and re-existence in a Rio de Janeiro favela

Luiza Freire Nasciutti

| Brazil |


If I Manage to Die of Old Age, That’s Fine

End of the World, Race, and Territory in Fradique’s film Ar Condicionado

Luis Felipe Gómez Lomelí

| Mexico | Angola |

A People’s Existence by Resistance: The Kurds

Organised as a stateless nation based on the principles of democracy, ecology and women's liberation, the Kurdish people have proven, again and again, that a society can exist without taking power, without being hostile to other peoples and without drawing borders

 Zozan Sima | Jineolojî Academy

| Rojava | Kurdistan |

Hey Progressives and Anti-racists, For Real: How About Broadening the Debate?

Made up of Black leaders, the Bancada Preta movement, born in São Paulo in 2019, proposes the creation of a unified agenda for the peripheries of the city

Bob Controversista

| Brazil |

Peripheries Features

Sur 28: The human rights’ movement’s debt in the fight against racism

The issue that continues to cause structural changes at Sur

Maryuri Mora Grisales

| Brazil |

Born of the peripheries

Thiago Firmino: From makeshift entrepreneurship in the periphery to social redefinition

Community leader and entrepreneur is transforming his role in his community, even in the face of territory-based difficulties in a pandemic besieged world

by Mariane Del Rei

| Brazil |

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